Glittering Holographic Wedding Manicure

Glittering Holographic Wedding Manicure

I’m not a huge fan of manicures. I love nail polish, and I get them done often, but the time it takes for your nails to dry is such a waste of time! Luckily has come up with an incredible solution: Glittering Holographic Wedding Manicure. All you need is a clear base coat and top coat, and you can have gorgeous holographic nails in minutes! You don’t even need to worry about getting glitter on everything because it’s all sealed in one little bottle. It’s so glamorous and perfect for any occasion – whether you’re going to prom or want that extra oomph on your workday manicure!

How to DIY a holographic manicure

glittering holographic manicureHi everyone! I’m going to show you how to achieve a holographic manicure, and it’s easy. All you need is some nail polish, a toothpick, and something that will act as the base of your nails (I used clear nail polish). You can paint your nails with whatever color you want, but I chose silver since it’s so reflective. Then all you have to do is take the toothpick and dip it in the top of the nail polish bottle. Once they’re covered in enough polish, hold them up over one hand at an angle, so they catch light from different angles and let dry for about 5 minutes or until they’re completely dry before adding another layer on top.

Do you have a wedding coming up and are looking for the perfect manicure? Try out this glittering holographic nail polish technique. It is so easy to do but will make your nails look fabulous! Learn how below.

You should try the glittering holographic wedding manicure

What’s better than having stunning nails that are also easy to maintain? With this simple tutorial, you can create an eye-catching manicure in minutes. All it takes is some clear nail polish, a few pieces of nail polish in any color, and some patience! Check out the video below to see what you’ll need and how it all comes together. The result: A beautiful set of nails with an edgy twist – ideal choice.

nail polish

Are you dreaming of a wedding with all the glitz and glamour? If so, this blog post is for you! This manicure has everything that’s needed to make your nails look like they’re dressed for an extravagant affair. The most important element in giving these nails their glittering holographic effect is using a top coat that dries quickly. A good top coat will give your mani the perfect finish without smudging or ruining your design. Trust me when I say this nail art will turn heads at every event you go to.

She’s got this wedding to go to, and she doesn’t want to look like a mess. So she needs her nails done! Let’s get started on the manicure with some nail polish remover for all that gelnish! Now it’s time for the fun part – glittering holographic nail polish is what you need. It will make your nails sparkle in any light! You don’t have long before the big event, so let’s finish up with some topcoats. What are you waiting for? Get those nails looking great today.



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